There is a whole world out there to fit discover!

Fit Discover recognizes that every community around the world, every surrounding area, every region has many points of interest that are really cool. We endeavor to build an online platform that would allow anyone, anywhere to map a route that links together cool and interesting places that others can fit discover.

The "fit" part is as simple as just getting outside and moving. It is going from one place to another walking, jogging, running, riding a bike, skateboarding, wheel chairing, etc. The mapped points of interest are so, well, interesting, that one doesn't even realize they are getting exercise. Fit Discover is a bridge to fitness. And it provides discovery and extra fun to those who are more intentional about their fitness.

An app that directs people along the mapped routes is envisioned. One that uses GIS technology to know where one is walking/advancing along the route and triggers recordings that guide people along the route. The app also records the time it takes to go along the route, which encourages people to clip along and even creates the possibilities of virtual races. Speaking of races, Fit Discover could make race courses more interesting by pointing out all the cool places along the way.

That's the big picture. On a regional level, Fit Discover was born in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. It's founder is very proud of the rich heritage and the beauty of this vast, high mountain valley. There are many treasures for even locals to discover, much less helping others to travel and discover. Highlighting routes, providing guided tours of them and creating events that draw larger numbers of people will benefit our area economically. Jobs will be provided, other businesses will start, new money will be spent. More than that, we can become even more proud of the place we live. It can be even more fun to live here. It can become "cooler", strengthening the local brand image.

What's really cool is, this can happen anywhere. Get out there!